Charging station at Bobrowiecka Street


In the Bobrowiecka Complex, next to the Bobrowiecka 6 office building, a charging station for electric vehicles was installed – 22kW EVBox businessline, operated by the ENGIE Group. The charger at Bobrowiecka Street will improve the availability of electric vehicle battery charging infrastructure in the district.

The EVBox businessline has two sockets with 22kW charging power. The station was installed near the square between Bobrowiecka 6 and Bobrowiecka 8 office buildings. Electric vehicles may be charged by anyone who is registered by ENGIE in the EVBox management system and has received a special card enabling them to use of the device.

“At Spectra Development we are promoters of environmentally-friendly solutions. We want the Bobrowiecka building complex to be modern and to meet the needs of its tenants and users. We are pleased that the effects of cooperation with ENGIE, which is also a tenant at the Bobrowiecka 8 office building, will benefit e-mobility supporters. The installed charging station is already operational and attracts strong interest of its first users,” said Dariusz Sokołowski, the President of the Management Board of Spectra Development.

EVBox, a subsidiary of ENGIE, is a leading global producer of charging stations with more than 50,000 units operating in more than 980 cities around the world. It offers its customers top quality charging stations with different parameters, tailored to individual needs. In Poland, ENGIE delivers effective and innovative solutions. Its services cover contractor and building maintenance services, renewable energy sources, energy and natural gas sales, purchase and consumption optimisation using advanced digital technologies. It supplies its customers with energy in the form of heat, electricity and gas. It provides maintenance and investment services with regard to district heating and power supply infrastructure. The company actively operates in the public-private partnership market.

“I am very glad that thanks to the ENGIE Group we are able to offer our customers another technologically advanced product – charging stations for electric vehicles. We prepared a number of solutions to meet the needs of retail customers, as well as businesses and institutional customers. Our EVBox chargers are in line with the focus on developing e-mobility in Poland, contributing to the protection of our environment,” said Jan Woźniak, Managing Director at the ENGIE Group in Poland.

The Bobrowiecka Complex was built in the Dolny Mokotów district at Bobrowiecka Street. This uncharted area, due to its proximity to Warsaw city centre, has great potential, both as an attractive place to work and live. The complex consists of residential and office buildings designed by a renowned design office JEMS Architekci. The implementation of the concept started with the construction of an office building at 6 Bobrowiecka Street, completed in 2006, which was followed by the completion in 2017 of the residential building at 10 Bobrowiecka Street and the office building at 8 Bobrowiecka Street. The concept of the complex goes beyond the walls of the buildings, creating a coherent urban setting, which gave new life to the area, expanding the offer of various services located at Bobrowiecka Street, which improves the comfort of everyday work and life in the district. The Bobrowiecka Complex is unique among other projects in Warsaw’s property market also thanks to the presence of art in line with the concept of culture embedded in space.